Mission statement

The purpose of the Cooper-Foreman Heirloom and Native Gardens is to promote a greater awareness and appreciation of the historic gardening culture of Wyandotte County, Kansas, prior to 1924, while teaching children and adults how gardens looked, were tended, what plants the gardens contained, and how the plants were used.

welcome to Cooper-Foreman Heirloom and Native Gardens!

Plants from the 1600s to 1924

The Cooper-Foreman Heirloom and Native Gardens is a collection of ethno-botanical gardens located on the campus of Kansas City Kansas Community College. The gardens are privately funded and maintained by the community volunteers. KCKCC generously hosts these gardens for their educational value.

They serve as a visual representations of the history of the Wyandotte County from early Indian occupation to the twentieth century. Each plant has been carefully chosen for the story it shares about its origins, the people who loved and nurtured it, and, in some cases, its contribution to the foods and medicines of our local people. All plants lure the casual observer to appreciate their beauty, while encouraging contemplative reverie.